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A dream of drugs in snow balls. (Yellow cab? Or subway?)

Acrylic paint, collage on canvas. 26 x 40 inch. 2015


Whoever you met or whatever you saw in your dream are metaphors of you. In this dream, I looked out of a window in Karaoke room at an amusement park and saw a huge Elephant monster with octopus arms catches huge white fish monster in a canal. It seemed to cause a flood very soon, so I urged to draw the scene on a paper and show it people in town to let people know what is going on. I hurried to back to town to do so. On my way to back to the town, I saw a lot of big snow balls on a street. I picked one up. It was very very light and seemed a follow ball. When I broke it, small drugs came out from the ball. I thought it might be a good idea to buy some drugs on my way to back to town because most cops are out of town to dealing with monsters and a flood. But I had no cash, so I stopped by a hotel to draw some cash from ATM. I asked an old lady at front desk if they have an ATM, but she said 'Do you have a marriage towel? If you want to draw money from your account, you need it'. I totally got confused. What is a marriage towel? I never heard of it. I ignored her and found an ATM in the basement. I put my bank card to the ATM to draw some cash, but it dispensed a lot of MTA card instead of cash. What!? I got confused again. I gave up to 

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