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A dream of ancient god statues transforming into gravestone-televisions as I monotype-transferring them.

Acrylic Paint, collage on Canvas. 34 x 58 inch. 2014


 I   was a middle school student in the dream. I was in a math class. The math teacher wrote a math problem with some mysterious triangle diagram on a blackboard and told us to solve the math problem. Next moment, however, an Asian ancient god statue appeared in the class room all the sudden. 

I was very surprised but other students weren't. They grabbed paper and made a line in front of the statue. They applied ink on the statue and took 

monotype-transfer prints from it in turn. I was a last student on the line. I couldn't get why I need to do this to solving the math problem, but soon my turn came up and I stepped in front of the god statue anyways. The statue was made of stone and looked like an alien from another planet. 'A little scary...' I spoke to myself. I nervously pressed my paper against the statue and rubbed it to transferring an image of the god. 'Okay...' I picked up the top corners of my paper and peeled it off from the statue. At the moment, the god statue transformed into a grave stone, a typical gravestone in Japan and I was holding a stone in my hand instead of the paper. I realized some noises and lights came from cracks on the gravestone. I looked into the gravestone carefully. It seemed a TV monitor was embedded in the gravestone and made me want to dig out the TV monitor so badly. I started scraping off the surface of the gravestone with the stone in my hand. ' I scrape it gently... like when I pacify my beloved baby...'. I spoke to myself before I knew it. 

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